Welcome to a new version of SmartSize

SmartSize has launched a new version of the size chart popup. The new size chart has been optimized for theme compatibility. Some themes may require a small adaptation.

If you cannot see your size chart in your store, please read the instructions below or contact us

Frequently Asked Questions

I cannot see the new size chart in my store

Is SmartSize already embedded in your theme? If yes, great! Jump this step. Are you not sure? Check the steps below

✔️ Go to your Shopify admin page

✔️ Select Sales Channels > Online Stores > Themes

✔️ Select ‘Customize’

✔️ Select ‘Theme Settings’

✔️ Select ‘App embeds’

✔️ Click on ‘SmartSize’ toggle

✔️ Click on ‘Save’

Have you already added your SmartSize block to your product in your theme layout?

✔️ Go to your Shopify admin page

✔️ Select Sales Channels > Online Stores > Themes

✔️ Select ‘Customize’

✔️  Search the product for which you created the size chart in Step 2. Open it.

✔️ On the left menu, select ‘Add block’

✔️ Select your ‘SmartSize’ (sizefox) block

✔️ Drag and drop the block in the position that you wish to have

✔️ Click save

My theme does not allow me to add a block into my product page

Can’t you find the option to add the SmartSize block in your Shopify theme? Follow the steps below to add a line of code to your theme. If you do not feel comfortable doing this, send us an email and we will do this for you team@smartsize.io

✔️ Go to your Shopify admin panel

✔️ Select Online Store and Themes (1)

✔️ Click on Actions (2)

✔️ Click on Edit code (3)

✔️ In the search bar, write ‘product'(4)

✔️ Select the relevant file: For Online Store 2.0: {/} main-product.liquid . For other Shopify themes: {/} product.liquid , {/} product-template.liquid or other files depending on your file structure (5)

✔️ Open the file and insert the code snippet (see below) (6)

✔️ Important for step 6 Insert the code snippet inside the <section></section> tags and before a <div> tag

✔️ Save the file (7)

✔️ Test on your store and adjust the position of the snippet if needed

If you still need support do not hesitate to contact us

Send us an email with your question to team@smartsize.io
Please write in the email the url of your Shopify store. Example: smartsizestore.myshopify.com