Change log –

29 May 2024

SmartSize obtains Built for Shopify, a highly-regarded certification that ensures its application seamlessly integrates with the Shopify platform, providing merchants with enhanced functionality, reliability, and support for their e-commerce needs. The team is delighted and our users even more!

29 April 2024

All SmartSize users have been moved to the latest SmartSize user interface. This way, they will benefit from a ‘built for shopify’-like user interface (Built for Shopify badge has been requested but not obtained yet)

28 April 2024

Improved conversion logic for cm <> inches. Example: a user can now add values with symbols such as 50 x 50 and these will be converted.

27 April 2024

Enable users to set horizontal position for mobile and desktop separately. Example: a user can now place the size chart button to the center on mobile and to the left on Desktop.

26 April 2024

New Help Center is live! We have opted to use ZenDesk for all our customer support activities and benefit from their seamless multi-channel approach to provide service to our clients 24/7. Chat and chatbot will come soon!

25 April 2024

App is translated to additional languages. It now includes DE – German, EN – English, ES – Spanish, FR – French, IT – Italian, NL – Dutch, PT – Portuguese, PT-BR – Brazilian Portuguese, SV – Swedish, ZH-CN – Simplified Chinese.

24 April 2024

Instructions to upload images to your Shopify store and direct link to it from the size chart editor. Users have now clear instructions on how to upload their own image to their Shopify files section in order to use it in their size charts.

21 April 2024

Draft and Archive badges. When linking a size chart to a product, users will be able to see the status of a product. This way they can already check if a product is active, draft or achived.

20 April 2024

View linked items. Users can now view which products and collections are linked to a size chart.

18 April 2024

Link to products. Users can now view a table with all their products and check which ones have a size chart and which ones don’t.

More about SmartSize

Using SmartSize combines speed, design and simplicity. Our users love the appearance of the size charts in the store and how fast they can get started.

Simplified and Intuitive Interface – Our user interface mirrors the familiar experience of the Shopify admin, ensuring ease of use and clarity for all users.

Optimized for Mobile and Desktop – SmartSize ensures your size charts appear flawlessly on both mobile and desktop devices. Your images’ ratios remain intact, and size tables feature a scrolling bar for seamless navigation without distortion.

Flexible Width Options – Tailor your size chart’s width on desktop, from full-screen to narrow, accommodating tables with varying amounts of data.

Centimeters to Inches Conversion – Allow customers to switch between centimeters and inches effortlessly. Our automatic rounding prevents awkward decimals, while customizable rounding options offer precise control. Exclude specific columns from conversion, like international sizing, by labeling them with **.

Image and Illustration Library – Enhance measurement guidance with your own images or choose from SmartSize’s library. Access illustrations of body silhouettes, clothing items, and even pet shapes.

Templates for Efficiency – Explore pre-designed templates featuring size tables and measurement instructions. Modify or erase them as needed to suit your product specifics.

Seamless Brand Integration – Your size chart seamlessly adopts your store’s font and design. Customize color schemes to align with your brand for a consistent shopping experience.

Customizable Size Chart Button – Tailor your size chart button’s label, icon, and colors to complement your store’s aesthetic. Easily position it vertically using our app block feature in the Theme Editor.

Product Management Dashboard – Monitor size chart status across all your products. Quickly identify which products lack size charts and ensure they’re properly published.

Effortless Product and Collection Linking – Our intuitive interface simplifies linking size charts to specific products. Easily identify active, draft, or archived items for seamless integration.

Preview Functionality – Preview your size chart before publishing to ensure it aligns with your expectations. Note that slight variations may occur between the preview and the live store.

Dedicated Support – Access round-the-clock support during extended business hours, available in multiple languages (English, French, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish) to assist you globally.

Get ready for our new upcoming features

Multi-tabs – Create different tabs in order to provide multiple size tables in one popup. This will allow your customers to navigate through different size tables for top, bottom or shoes in one go.

Side position – Currently all our size charts will appear in the middle of your screen. Our next generation of size charts will be positioned on the side of the screen in a way that it won’t hide the key content of your product page.